Since 1981 and for 40 consecutive years we submit our efforts for creation by making quality products


Sliding rollers – mini rollers

Roller fittings

Blinds for shutters

Plastic profiles for roll boxes

Edited profiles with files


Faithful to the standards of production and quality and with our absolute goal of your service, you can be calm when you use our products.

Our Products

PVC products retain their color and resist to any changes in temperature, hot or cold. Our selection of raw materials and our modern production line, create the products that we provide ready-made or upon order for cutting to the desired dimensions.

There is the possibility of transfer within Greece with our own means, while all our products are protected with film to protect them during transport.

The materials we use, PVC, combines economy and quality with excellent appearance and looks. PVC products retain color and their resistance to any changes in temperature.

They are easy to wash, dye and are not affected by moisture, salinity and they also do not ignite.


PVC products retain their color and resistance to any changes in temperature, hot or cold.

Message from the president and founder of the company Gavriilidou P. & V. OE

The company was founded in 1981 by the president of the company Nikolaos Gavriilidis.

After a series of small and large investments always with private funds, based on excellent functionality of our products and customer service our company thrived.

Along with the economic developments both in the PVC industry and at the same time the domestic and foreign market, the company was one step ahead.

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